L’Atelier de Cédric @ Studio Bleu avec Claude Samard Polikar

L’Atelier de Cédric @ Studio Bleu avec Claude Samard Polikar

Film Composer & Musical Director @ Jean-Michel Jarre

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Claude Samard Polikar is a creator and explorer of musical landscapes. He has traveled the world over as a successful composer, arranger, performer and producer. His scores have earned « Best Music in Cinema” awards at Shanghai and Sao Paulo. He’s also the Musical Director of electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre since 2004. 

A graduate of Berklee College of Music (USA), this unique musician’s creativity has brought him international renown and countless prestigious awards. Claude’s arrangements have resulted in several gold & platinum songs and albums. He has collaborated with some of the greatest and most recognized artists in France, in the UK, the US and beyond, helping them to develop and to perfect their own special sounds and musical identities.

Claude has scored several feature films which resulted in him gaining international recognition as a composer for cinema. His scores have earned « Best Music in Cinema” awards at, among others, the Shanghai (China) International Film Festival in 2001, and the Sao Paulo (Brasil) International Film Festival in 2011.

Memorable songs and compelling melodic themes, along with skillful blending of natural organic sounds with electronic sounds are the hallmarks of Claude’s compositions which are perfect for illustrating visual images.

Claude has made significant musical contributions to international music, video games and film companies like UbiSoft, Jim Henson, Universal, Cezame Music Agency and Dreamworks, just to name a few.

More info on his website : www.claudesamard.com

Spécialisations : Composing and Producing music for Film, Documentaries, TV series, Video Games.
2 Best Music Awards in International Film Festivals.

Audio exemples of my work can be heard here :

– On SoundCloud (including excerpts of 2 International Film Awards winning scores i composed – Shanghai and SaoPaolo) https://soundcloud.com/claude-samard-polikar/sets
– On my Website : http://www.claudesamard.com/

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