L’Atelier de Cédric avec Andy Gardiner – Splendid Records

L’Atelier de Cédric avec Andy Gardiner

Fondateur @ Splendid Records

The boutique label SPLENDID was launched in the late spring of 2013 to accompany fine artistry in today’s constantly changing music industry. A joint venture between ANDY GARDINER & the SPLENDENS FACTORY, SPLENDID is able to work cross-platform in all areas of production – be it visual (DA, Artwork, Photo, Video, Web, Live) or musical (the label has it’s own purpose built in-house recording facility). SPLENDID is able to offer it’s artists a stable and reassuring environment to create and innovate. Thanks to privileged relationships with advertisers & brands, SPLENDID blurs the traditional industry schemas working directly with the copyrighting, film and video game industries (of course SPLENDID still places the upmost importance on the production & manufacture of physical recordings for it’s artists).

ANDY GARDINER – Label Manager – A & R

“It feels like everything I’ve done over the last 15 years has been leading up to this exciting venture…”

While he has devoted his whole life to musical production under several guises and in many different areas, Andy is possibly most well known as VICARIOUS BLISS, having travelled the planet several times over to play on some of the most prestigious stages at clubs & festivals before a audience of thousands. Though he enjoyed being an artist in his own right (having been a privileged member of the Ed Banger family for several years), Andy never stopped working as a producer, composer, arranger or remixer for artists as diverse as Prodigy, N*E*R*D, Bloody Beetroots, Yuksek, Sebastien Tellier, Ladytron and many others.

“I always felt more comfortable behind the scenes, getting the best out of someone’s performance in the studio, rather than scribbling my name across some kid’s brand new 40$ T-shirt !” Andy’s ambition for SPLENDID is to breath life into the exciting new business models that are offered by today’s ever-shifting industry, whilst nurturing musical creation in all of it’s forms regardless of the end usage. ‘SPLENDID – your boutique label. A SPLENDID time is guaranteed for all…

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